Somali pirates

Where sailed the Somali pirates
October 22, 23:10

10 may 2012 the most famous pirates of the XXI century failed to capture a single merchant ship. The main merit in a victory over them belongs to one family.
In 2008 they hijacked 42 of the ship, earned the ransoms of about $80 million. In that year, the London obstetrician Denis Tsepov wrote in his LiveJournal: "there were come to give birth Somali girl of dazzling beauty, all in black and in larger diamonds. With her were about seven daring young men in suits by Comme Des Garçons. Having got the girl to a beautiful baby boy, I plucked up courage and asked: "what are you doing in life, rebya, if not a secret?". They replied: "Simple Somali sailors, and with what purpose you interested?"". As implausible as this story, it accurately reflects the early romantic myth of Somali pirates, tarnished even more than it was itself destroyed their craft.

Forced to piracy
By 2005, when the Gulf of Aden pirates seized the ship the first major international company, the war in Somalia was already for almost 30 years. After the war with Ethiopia was followed by a series of riots that literally tore the country to shreds, controlled by warring warlords.The lack of a border service have used the poachers. Trawlers from around the world were drawn off from the waters of Somalia tuna, shrimp and lobster for $300 million a year. Worse than that associated with the Italian mafia company started dumping in local waters of toxic waste. So exhausted was the only source of income and without that the poor Somali fishermen. After some attempts to take a "tax" from foreign scavengers and poachers, they discovered a truly profitable business.

Ανακοίνωση υπέρ των "μετριοπαθών" ισλαμιστών στην Συρία εξέδωσαν οι ΗΠΑ μαζί με Κατάρ, Σ.Αραβία και Τουρκία!

Only a record can be characterized by the fact that the West and the united states made a joint announcement by the Russian bombing and for the protection of islamist groups who have been "baptized" as a "moderate armed opposition".

The "deep concern" that the Russian bombing in Syria will lead to a further escalation of the conflict represent seven countries starting with the united states.
The notice was issued by the Turkish FOREIGN ministry! It is noted that the Anchor has one of the most obscure roles for the power supply and the supply of the islamists, the overthrow of the Syrian president With.Asad.The communication, signed by the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Call on the Russian Federation to immediately stop its attacks against the syrian opposition and civilians" and "to focus its efforts in the fight against the Islamic State"!
"The bombing led to civilian casualties, and they haven't targeted the Islamic State" report.
The Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu kept it going even further by stating that "the entire operation is directed against the Free Syrian Army"!
This construct just isn't THERE! Some of them have been trained by the CIA to overthrow the syrian government, and indeed the USA they had no problem παρδεχτούν recently!
As he Russian president B.Putin had καταγγειλει "those who εκπαιδεύτε flee and go with american weaponry to join the ISIL" and that's exactly what's going on beyond the fact of whether the US has the moral right to overturn don't agree with in these governments.
Watch what he says notorious Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which works in favor of western designs. It is acknowledged that the Russians bombed the last three goals of the Islamic State in the capital city of the "ISIL", ar raqqah, as positions of Al-Qaeda in the province of Aleppo.